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Workwear is a part and parcel of running a business, especially in transport & logistics. When out and about your staff are representing your company image, so ensuring they have smart, durable workwear is a must. We can supply a broad range of garments to suit a variety of roles. Each garment can be personalised with company logo, information and badging so you showcase your image to your customers.

Our garments are manufactured to the highest standards from a range of well known, highly recognised workwear brands. As specialists we know what materials are able to withstand cleaning processes, so we only supply durable garments that retain their condition well.

Workwear for the transport and logistics industry, aside from looking smart, needs to be comfortable, resilient, and functional for the wearer. It needs to allow them to fulfil their role properly, while withstanding the everyday restrictions they face. 

Our garments are tried and tested to ensure they are comfortable for the wearer. They are also enforced with added support and protection to make garments hardwearing.

Should you require safety wear as part of your uniforms this is something we can assist with. We have thorough knowledge of industry standards and have provided a vast range of protective wear haulage companies.

When out and about your staff need to be visible on the roads for their own protection and we have a huge selection of garments that meet EN 20471 Highways high visibility standards. 

We can work to your risk assessment and supply whatever garments are required.

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